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Barlife Magazine Does a feature Article on Scott DuBose.

Barlife Magazine, one of the premiere magazines in Chicago that showcases night life, has done a feature article on Scott. You can pick up a copy of Barlife in Hundreds of locations all across the Chicagoland area.

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Scott Dubose & the 101 Ranch

July 2nd, 2010 by Barlifemag

Scott DuBose

“This is not your father’s country music, this is ranch rock!”  Scott DuBose is one of the biggest up and coming country/rock singers in the United States.  His music is a blend of everything from rock and rap to country and western and if he had to use words to describe his music, he would call it Ranch Rock.  Country music is his music, but he also grew up listening to Run DMC, Metallica, and the Ramones.  His parents always had music playing throughout the house.  His father is what he would describe as “more than a little bit country” and his mother was definitely “rock and roll.”  Scott says, “I grew up with a pretty wild mix of music.  Everything from Merle Haggard to AC/DC and in between.”

Scott got his start when he was very small.  Music has always been a large part of his life.  He even still has a report card from his first grade teacher who noted how much he liked to sing.  However, he got his professional start on the country music scene in 2003.  He was working as the lead singer in the house band at the show “Tony and Tina’s Wedding” in Chicago, when he started the 101 Ranch Band.  Scott says, “It was a real trip.  I would do a show at Tony and Tina’s and then run across town to do a show with the Ranch.”

Scott has been extremely lucky with his members of the band.  He is playing with a lot of talent and the band got its start because Scott thinks that good musicians kind of gravitate toward each other and that good players like to work with others who challenge them.  The members of the 101 Ranch Band are Herman Winkler on drums, Mark Madison on keyboards, Pat Lyons on guitar, pedal steel, and mandolin, and David Malatesta on bass.  The band played their first show at a club in West Chicago.  The club, unfortunately, closed last year but the last band to play there was the New Kids on the Block.

Currently, Scott is working with a great independent label called Sweet Pickle Music and is working on his second CD.  His first CD (self-titled) was released in 2008.  Perseverance is what has made Scott and the 101 Ranch so successful.  When starting out, country music in Chicago was a hard sell, however, it has definitely worked in Scott’s favor.  He has had some big accomplishments.  The first is he has the freedom to do the music that he wants to do, his way.  The second is having played with the artists that he has been able to play shows with.  Scott has played with artists Gretchen Wilson, Montgomery Gentry, Jason Aldean, Chris Cagle, and Charlie Daniels.  But according to Scott, his biggest accomplishment is “having people like what I do.  That really means the most to me.”

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